Hourly prices

We try to keep our prices as competitive as possible. The advantages of using Liquorice Stick are:

  •  with our comprehensive and caring approach we let you concentrate on learning while we take care of the extras
  •  as music specialists we have a wide range of experience and expertise in music and education
  •  we thoroughly check and interview all of our teachers
  •  our lesson logs help us tailor the perfect learning experience for you
  •  if you are not happy with your teacher we will investigate and resolve the situation
  •  our online recources are available to all students, offering documents, book suggestions and general information on our VLE (virtual learning environment)  
  •  if your teacher leaves the area or has to stop for any reason we will find a replacement quickly 

Please give us a call to discuss on 0800 883 0301 or see the price tables below for prices.

Book a course of lessons

Private individuals – prices include VAT

Number of students London, within M25 Other locations
1 £40 £38
2 £50 £48
3 £59 £57
4 £68 £66
5+ £75 £75

Businesses – prices exclude VAT

Number of students Business Price
1 £40
2 £50
3 £59
4 £68
5+ £75

More detail on prices

Prices are per hour for the number of people shown. You must book a minimum of 12 hours.

1 means one student, one teacher, 2 is where 2 friends/partners share a lesson - and so on!  As you can see, it's quite cost-effective to share lessons, but you need to be at the same level.  Alternatively, you can split the time, for example 2 people at different levels can split an hour and a half into 2 x 45-minute lessons.

The price for 5+ people can apply to any number - for each example 10 colleagues wishing to have a singing lessons.  Groups can be large as long as you have enough space!  Large groups can work well for voice, guitar/uke in particular.

We ask for a £30 deposit when you confirm your booking - the balance to be paid once everything is set up for you and in advance of classes starting (we regret we cannot accept staged payment).

The more hours you commit to and pre-pay, the less you pay per hour.  Discounts are given as follows:

20-29 hours 5%

30-44 hours 7.5%

45-59 hours 10%

60+ hours 12.5%

Please note that materials are not included in the course fees.

Call us now for expert advice on 0800 883 0301 Or send us a Quick enquiry/Enrol and we'll be back in contact straightaway.

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