Guitar teachers can usually also teach Ukelele

The instruments

The guitar and its little cousin the ukulele banjo (Uke) are highly portable instruments just waiting to be strummed.  Each string is tuned to a different note (by you, I’m afraid, on a regular basis) with the aid of a tuning device (traditionally a tuning fork, but these days there are whole sets of digital tuning cutlery available).  Move your fingers along the neck to the different frets and hold them down to shorten the string and make a higher note.  So easy!  Well, you’ll get used to it…

Why learn to play guitar/ukelele?

Play your favourite numbers and sing along, lead others in singing, or you may even wish to progress to demanding classical pieces, especially the Iberian repertoire (that’s posh for Spanish stuff). 

What makes playing guitar/uke demanding?

It’s fairly easy to learn to strum a few chords, but to play the guitar really well you have to learn a wide range of chords in different “voicings” (so not always starting with the “root”).  It fairly tough on the fingers, but they’ll survive!

Any reason not to choose this instrument?

Only if you are heavily into classical music, as the repertoire for the guitar is limited. 

What to buy?

There is a choice of acoustic, electric and semi-acoustic instruments, the latter being great for jazz, in particular.  Don’t go for the cheapest, as it will sound poor and tend to go out of tune quickly.  Ukes needn't cost a lot but, again, don't go too cheap.

Great exponents of the guitar/uke

So many…! 

Some are mostly players, while others are singer-songwriters who write songs with the guitar in their hands


Jimi Hendrix – highly influential electric guitar man

Paul Simon – great singer-song-writer, who even played with the Muppets!

Joni Mitchell – legendary guitarist and singer

Andres Segovia – regarded as one of the greatest classical guitarists ever


Top of the list has to be George Formby, a great favourite with the Queen, apparently!

It is a little known fact that the legendary actor/comedian Peter Sellers was an accomplished ukelele player!

"Great service. I was looking for piano lessons and they found me a tutor very quickly, I didn’t have to do anything. Tutor is lovely and she knows her stuff!"

- Lam (via Google reviews)

"I needed a violin tutor for my 13 yr old son so contacted Sam at Liquorice Stick. Within 48 hours we had fixed up our first lesson. A month and 4 lessons later and all going great - enthusiasm still very high!"

- Angus (via Google reviews)

Private lessons at your place, at times you choose

We arrange for a guitar or uke teacher to come to your home or office.  You can have a 1:1 session, or learn with friends, family or colleagues.

Lessons last a minimum of one hour.

You tell us your preferred time. 

Lessons can take place anytime between 0800 and 2100 Mon-Sat. 

Sunday lessons are available by special arrangement.

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