Piano teachers can teach acoustic piano or keyboard

The instrument

The piano.  Who can resist tinkling its ivories (mostly plasticies these days)?  Even an untrained cat can play something resembling a tune as it runs along the keyboard while escaping the family labradoodle.

The piano is a musical map, all laid out ready to explore.  Well, yes, it’s true that in comparison with instruments that demand a close physical relationship (trumpet, violin), the piano seems less hard work.  Don’t forget, though, that posture and hand/wrist position are important.

Why learn to play piano?

Being a very accessible musical map, tunes, patterns, chords come to life very quickly when you are learning.  It is quite difficult to think of a pleasure as great as that of sitting at a good piano and playing  a piece from beginning to end, enthralling both yourself and your audience, no matter how simple (the tune, that is, not you).

While pianos are no longer found in every drawing-room (what’s a drawing-room, mother?) lots of people have keyboards, and you can carry your own around too.

What makes playing piano demanding?

Probably that tricky moment when you need to play one thing with one hand and something apparently quite different with the other.  At least you are not learning the organ – where you need to get your feet involved too.  All you have to do with your feet is manipulate some fairly rudimentary pedals.

Any reason not to choose this instrument?

Difficult to think of any, to be honest, although the relative un-portability is an issue.

What to buy?

Pianos and keyboards vary in length, so you get more or fewer octaves (an octave is a complete set of notes, from C to C, for example).  Even with a fairly short keyboard you can play a lot of stuff, but ideally you’ll have at least 5 to work with.

Get yourself a good quality keyboard or piano.  Even the simplest tunes sound so much nicer!  If you are looking at an acoustic, or “real” piano (we have to say this is our preferred option!) beware instruments that are being given away – they’re not likely to be great.  If it’s seriously out of tune, getting it back in shape could be an issue.

Great exponents of the piano

Where to begin when listing the greatest pianists?  A tricky one, but here are some of our favourites:

Mozart Amadeus Mozart – sadly no videos available, but apparently he was pretty good!

Ludwig Van Beethoven  - ditto

Claude Debussy – impressionist art expressed via music

Art Tatum – one of the jazz greats.  You don’t need to be able to see to play the jo-anna, and he proves it!

Keith Jarrett – a modern jazz pianist with an ethereal touch, he can also do classical

"Great service. I was looking for piano lessons and they found me a tutor very quickly, I didn’t have to do anything. Tutor is lovely and she knows her stuff!"

- Lam (via Google reviews)

"I needed a violin tutor for my 13 yr old son so contacted Sam at Liquorice Stick. Within 48 hours we had fixed up our first lesson. A month and 4 lessons later and all going great - enthusiasm still very high!"

- Angus (via Google reviews)

Private lessons at your place, at times you choose

We arrange for a piano/keyboard teacher to come to your home or office.  You can have a 1:1 session, or learn with friends, family or colleagues.

Lessons last a minimum of one hour.

You tell us your preferred time. 

Lessons can take place anytime between 0800 and 2100 Mon-Sat. 

Sunday lessons are available by special arrangement.

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