Trumpet teachers can also teach cornet, and may be able to offer other brass instruments

The instrument

The trumpet – how in heaven’s name do you get so many notes out of an instrument that’s only got 3 knobs on it??  The answer – lots, and we mean lots, of puff!

After the piano, the trumpet is our favourite instrument.  It’s just a Liquorice Stick thing.  In the right hands, the trumpet creates music of a purity and joy that is difficult to equal.

You play the trumpet by vibrating your lips as they make contact with the mouthpiece – basically!  The “embouchure”, or, in layman’s terms, the way your lughole engages with the trumpet, is key.  Using no valves at all you can get a wide range of notes (the notes of the natural harmonic scale).  Once you introduce the valves (just one, or more than one in different permutations) you can then get the whole range of notes.  It’s really fiendishly clever!

Why learn to play trumpet?

Because you want your neighbours to move?  Seriously, it’s a great instrument to learn – used in classical and jazz, it’s also great in pop or for just knocking out a tune and making sure the whole world knows about it!

What makes playing trumpet demanding?

It is physically quite tough.  You need good breathing and to build up your “lip” or “chops”.  Daily practice is a must.

Any reason not to choose this instrument?

You don’t want your neighbours to move.

What to buy?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a decent instrument, but don’t go super-budget or you will get an instrument with poor-quality valves, which can been annoying.

Great exponents of the trumpet

We have a particular jazz favourite (a member of the LS team actually met him and regards him as a God) – and that’s Freddie Hubbard.  Wonderful tone, amazing pin-point accuracy and fabulous improvisational skill

Louis Armstrong was of course one of the greats.  Not just a wonderful trumpet-player, but a marvellous human being.  His nick-name Satchmo (satchel mouth) tells it all in terms of the physical relationship a devoted trumpet-player must have with their instrument

Alison Balsom is an excellent contemporary classical trumpet-player.

Miles Davis developed an amazing personal style on trumpet, with his haunting tone

Private lessons at your place, at times you choose

We arrange for a piano/keyboard teacher to come to your home or office.  You can have a 1:1 session, or learn with friends, family or colleagues.

Lessons last a minimum of one hour.

You tell us your preferred time. 

Lessons can take place anytime between 0800 and 2100 Mon-Sat. 

Sunday lessons are available by special arrangement.

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