Private lessons with your own friendly and professional voice teacher

The instrument

The voice.  We’ve all got one.  If you can speak, you can sing, but singing has somehow mostly been bred out of our culture.  We need to get that back!  You only need to watch African or South-American people singing as an everyday thing to remember the joy that it brings.

There’s so much to be said for learning to sing, whether it’s to join a band or a choir or, indeed, to go solo.

There will be a natural, comfortable range for your voice, which a singing teacher can focus on and extend.  You need to learn how to use your whole body to get the maximum from your voice – your posture, how you use your diaphragm as well as, of course, your mouth, lips and larynx.

Just as when speaking, every singing voice is different and special.  Just a few notes from Luciano Pavarotti, Elvis or Elton John and you know who’s behind them. 

Why learn to sing?

As a whole-body activity, singing, when done properly, will improve your sense of well-being.  Singing in a band or choir is a social activity with a single focus that takes you away from life’s day-to-day worries and strains.

What makes singing demanding?

Apart from the physical aspects, such as using your diaphragm, projecting, breathing and so on, you are also becoming “someone else” when  you sing, especially when solo.  So you will need to develop your own singer personality – but that’s all part of the challenge and the fun.

Any reason not to choose voice as your instrument?

We can’t think of any!  It’s like asking if there is any reason not to speak.  Actually, forget that, we can think of reasons why some people shouldn’t…!

What to buy?

Nothing!  Free at the point of use!

Great exponents of the voice

As with all instruments, there is so much choice, but here are some Liquorice favourites:

Luciano Pavarotti – the great operatic tenor, with such power and at the same time such tenderness.  Amazing!

James Taylor – a distinctive, “quiet” voice, full of humanity

David Bowie – unique, intriguing, original

"Great service. I was looking for piano lessons and they found me a tutor very quickly, I didn’t have to do anything. Tutor is lovely and she knows her stuff!"

- Lam (via Google reviews)

"I needed a violin tutor for my 13 yr old son so contacted Sam at Liquorice Stick. Within 48 hours we had fixed up our first lesson. A month and 4 lessons later and all going great - enthusiasm still very high!"

- Angus (via Google reviews)

Lessons at your place at times you choose

We arrange for a voice/singing teacher to come to your home or office.  You can have a 1:1 session, or learn with friends, family or colleagues.

Lessons last a minimum of one hour.

You tell us your preferred time. 

Lessons can take place anytime between 0800 and 2100 Mon-Sat. 

Sunday lessons are available by special arrangement.

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